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When you give to United Way you’re helping build strong communities, communities where people feel connected and supported. United Ways across BC have come together to create – comprehensive online community resource directory that connects people to help when they need it the most. Whether it is a connection to a food bank, emergency shelters, daycares, parenting courses or affordable housing, this anonymous and free resource is updated regularly and features live web-chat 7 days/week.


Community members who struggle with food security have access to fresh fruits and vegetables

Changing Lives: Family Tree Centre

Sheila is a single mother in recovery living in Kamloops with her three children. She and her youngest daughter, Brooklynn, regularly attend Family Tree Family Centre. In the fall of 2013, Family Tree, the one place where Sheila and Brooklynn felt safe and accepted, was facing closure.

When two of their funding commitments expired, Family Tree had no choice but to close. Leaving over fifty moms and their kids with nowhere to go. United Way secured funds to prevent this from happening, not only by providing Family Tree with enough financial support to keep their doors open, but also by using a portion of the funding to prevent similar situations in the future. United Way worked closely with the Family Tree board of directors to create a sustainability plan that involves risk management, professional development and exploring an alternative source of revenue.

Thanks to support from United Way, Family Tree has entered into a lease-to-own agreement for a newly renovated house in downtown Kamloops. In addition to more useable space and an outdoor area for the children to enjoy, monthly operation costs are also now lower.

At United Way, we know that investing in strong organizations and communities requires more than just funding. We work with our community partners to build and maintain the skills, infrastructure and resources needed to realize their mission.

By supporting capacity building, United Way is creating life altering change that is shaping our community. We are allowing families like Sheila and Brooklynn, to change their story.

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