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When you give to United Way you help give kids the boost they need to succeed in life. United Way invests in programs that increase children’s self-esteem to create friendships, reduces anxiety and depression and helps avoid isolation and create a sense of belonging.


Youth and in-school mentors were matched as friends

Changing Lives: Megan and Rebecca

Being an only child who spent a lot of time around adults, Megan had trouble fitting in with other kids at school. So she applied to be a little sister through Big Brothers, Big Sisters (BBBS) In-School Mentoring program. She was then introduced to Rebecca and her life was changed. The two have been a match for six years now.

“The minute I met Rebecca, I wanted her to be my big sister,” Megan says. “It’s just so much fun to be around each other.”

When Rebecca graduated from high school the pair were moved into the adult mentoring program through BBBS and went from spending one hour per week together on school grounds to spending upwards of four hours per week together hanging out at Rebecca’s farm with her horses and animals, going to the movies and having sleepovers.

“When I first started I didn’t know what I was getting into,” Rebecca said. “I just thought it was another volunteer opportunity. But seeing Megan grow has helped me grow so much.

Megan and RebeccaI would give Megan pointers with the horses. But Megan is really, really good with animals so I learned that sometimes I just need to step back and not coach too much. This has transferred over into my work and school life too and how I deal with people. This program doesn’t just benefit the little, it benefits the big in so many ways. Life would be a lot duller without Megan,” Rebecca says.

Megan echoes Rebecca’s sentiments and recommends that any kids who are having trouble at school, getting bullied or pushed around should look into being involved with BBBS because then you have someone to be there for you.

“Whenever I need something and I’m too embarrassed to ask my mom, I ask Rebecca,” says Megan.

Megan is so inspired by her relationship with Rebecca that she plans to be an in-school mentor when she turns 15 and have her own little.

Studies show that children who are mentored have higher self-esteem, confidence and interest in school and youth who volunteer to mentor are more connected to their communities. For every $1 invested in mentoring, $18 is returned to society. United Way supports the in school mentoring program through BBBS so all children are given the opportunity to have their lives changed like Megan and Rebecca.

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