Who Are We?

Women United is part of a global network of women leaders, more than 75,000 strong, in 165 communities in six countries.  While there have been many variations of women’s giving circles within United Way organizations, Women United connects us all in a meaningful way.

Our local Women United branch was formed in February 2015 as the Women’s Leadership Council, by a group of like-minded women focused on making financially sustainable and measurable social impacts that wrap supports around vulnerable families in our community. Each member donates $1,200 or more annually for at least 2 years, that will go towards a significant, meaningful group gift as directed by the Women United membership.

Women United’s aspirational project, Paige’s Place, is a family fostering program that focuses on keeping families together. Our efforts to support families as a single unit are founded in research that emphasizes the benefits of healthy attachment between parent and child. We are working with community agencies to make this project a reality. Watch this space for continued updates and opportunities to get involved in this initiative!

Women United has given over $60,000 to registered non-profit associations in the last 4 years, and continues to establish relationships with community organizations, like Interior Community Services, Family Tree Family Services, Kamloops Early Learning & Literacy Initiatives (KELLI), the Ministry of Children and Families, and Thompson Rivers University (TRU) research department to ensure effective service delivery, project execution, and impact assessment so outcomes can be shared with like-minded communities.

Women United Members

Mission Statement

Women who mobilize the power of philanthropy, volunteerism and advocacy to create meaningful change for vulnerable families

Values Statements:

  • We believe in honouring the attachment between parent and child
  • We believe in supporting solutions that keep families together
  • We believe in fostering healthy support networks for vulnerable families
  • We believe in educating our community about the needs of vulnerable families
  • We believe in supporting, celebrating, and empowering mothers who are ready to make positive changes in their lives.
  • We believe in challenging status quo policies in favour of innovative solutions to social problems
  • We believe in measuring & sharing project outcomes for the betterment of all communities


  • To bring women philanthropists together to discover and address gaps in community services for vulnerable families.
  • To offer women opportunities to become meaningfully engaged in our community
  • To educate our community about critical issues surrounding vulnerable families in Kamloops North Thompson Area.

Member Benefits:

  • Connect with a powerful network of caring women leaders;
  • Make a personal impact through group giving and direct line of sight into programs funded;
  • Build awareness about critical issues within our communities;
  • Receive recognition as a leader of change;
  • Join in events with others who feel passionate about helping vulnerable families;
  • Learn from leading social service organizations about key issues impacting our community’s families;
  • Learn about and fund innovative programs addressing these issues;
  • Change the lives of vulnerable families.

Member Role:

  • Be educated on issues by attending meetings and staying connected through events and online communications;
  • Be an ambassador for children, youth, and families in our community by sharing our work and inviting your network of friends to attend events and consider joining our cause;
  • Be a leader by committing to a minimum of 2 years of annual giving for greater sustainability of long-term programs.

“When we started discussing the concept of ‘creating families’ for those that don’t have existing healthy support networks, my heart sang and I knew we were going to accomplish great things together. I am excited for the future of Women United, and for the future of vulnerable families in our community. When love wins…we all win.”

Chantelle Stone, Women United, Thompson Nicola Cariboo, Chair

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