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Day of Caring

It’s definitely not a typical day at work when you arrive at a United Way Day of Caring®.

The idea is simple. An organization needs a new fence, or a paint job, or some landscaping, or some food hampers. So a local business donates a team of employees to get the job done. But it’s not just about the fence. It’s about a sense of caring through volunteerism and connecting people in the community with different skills, different knowledge, and different backgrounds. It’s about team-building for those employees, who have the chance to learn about the programs and services that the organization offers.

And with 660 volunteers putting in over 3450 volunteer hours in less than three years, a lot of work, learning, and connecting is getting done.

Day of Caring application

Day of Caring®
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Day of Caring application

Day of Caring®
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Seeing is believing

Seeing is Believing Tours, which offer donors, volunteers and community members an opportunity to see first-hand where United Way’s money goes to work in the community, are fast becoming one of our most popular initiatives.

Participants are able to visit community agencies and hear directly from agency staff and clients about the difference United Way and community partners can make in the lives of individuals in our community.

“Seeing firsthand where our United Way dollars go and how much these organizations rely on our donations is an important piece in engaging people to get involved, volunteer and donate money. For myself, I arrived back at the branch feeling very fortunate for the health of my family, much more appreciative of the things I often take for granted, and with a desire to do even more to help those in need in my community.”

– Seeing is Believing Tour Participant


Sign-Up for a Seeing is Believing Tour

If you are interested in signing your company up for a Seeing is Believing tour please click the “apply now” button to access the application form. If you have any questions about the tours please email us at office@unitedwaytnc.ca.