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The Tomorrow Fund

United Way’s endowment fund and planned giving program – offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for a stronger region, a vibrant community and a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Why leave a legacy?

Leaving a legacy to United Way will help your community for years to come. Your legacy gift through United Way will help far more than one person or program. Your gift will go to work along with thousands of others in our community and create life altering, community shaping change.

How to Give:

  • Bequest

    A bequest through a will is simple and straightforward. By including United Way in your will, you can create a lasting legacy to perpetuate your tradition of annual gifts to support your community. Gifts of a specific cash amount or asset or a percentage of the remaining estate are popular bequest choices. Your estate receives a donation receipt for the value of your gift, providing a tax credit to reduce tax otherwise payable on your final tax return.

    Please click here to view sample will clauses to be used for discussion purposes with your lawyer or notary in preparation of your will.

    Unless otherwise directed by the donors, United Way BC places all gifts received by bequests where it is needed the most.

  • Gift of Securities

    In 2006, the federal budget eliminated capital gains on gifts of publicly traded securities to public charities. Publicly traded securities are all securities listed on Canadian and major international exchanges. This includes stocks, trust units, exchange-traded funds, warrants, etc., as well as mutual fund units and bonds.

    The donation must be an “in kind” transfer of the security itself, not the cash proceeds of the sale of the security. The transfer is best made electronically from the donor’s investment account to the charity’s custody or brokerage account.

    Download our Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities – Share Transfer Form

  • Life Insurance Policy

    Life insurance, whether fully paid or with premiums still owing, is a popular and easy way to make a significant future gift at an affordable current cost. Naming United Way as the owner and beneficiary of an existing or new policy entitles you to a current donation receipt on the cash surrender value (if any), and further receipts on payment of subsequent premiums.

    An alternative is to simply name Thompson Nicola Cariboo United Way as the beneficiary, and your estate will receive tax benefits.

  • RRIF or RRSP’s

    You can transform tax liabilities into a charitable gift by simply naming United Way as the beneficiary of your RRSP, RRIF, TFSA or pension plan. This arrangement also means that no probate fees are payable on these assets.

  • Real Estate

    You can donate properties such as personal residences, vacation homes, jewelry or shares in privately held corporations to United Way.

    These could be an outright gift or a gift of residual interest. Both types of gift have unique tax advantages. As an example you may decide to transfer your residence to United Way now but continue to use it during your lifetime.

Benefits of Giving:

  • Leave a legacy that aligns with your values, and will help shape the future of our region.
  • We ensure that your gift is directed to your area of interest and that your intentions are respected.
  • Maximize your tax and estate planning benefits.

More information:

Are you an allied professional wanting to learn more about strategic planned giving? Learn more about the Kamloops Chapter of the Canadian Gift Planners Association.

If you are a donor who would like to have a confidential conversation in regards to legacy giving, please fill out the form or contact:

Katie Neustaeter 

Phone:  250-372-9933

E-Mail: katie@unitedwaytnc.ca

Planned Giving

Do you want more information about making a planned gift to United Way? Please fill out the below form.

Your gift has the power to inspire and transform our community. Thank you for making an impact for generations to come.