United Way’s mission is to improve lives and build community by engaging individuals and mobilizing collective action. Since 1945, we have invested millions of dollars across the Thompson Nicola Cariboo region to support a strong network of programs and services in three priority areas:

Our investments address both immediate needs and underlying causes of our region’s most pressing social challenges through operational and program funding, capacity building, and collective impact.

To learn more and determine whether your organization or program may be eligible for United Way Funding, view our Community Investment Policy & Guiding Principles.

UWBC does not invest in:

  • Individuals or for-profit organizations or ventures
  • Organizations where the service component is conditional upon participation in the religious activities of the organization
  • Organizations of political affiliation or supporting political activities
  • Deficit financing
  • Activities outside the Thompson Nicola Cariboo region
  • Organizations that use a third party for their registered charity number