We provide the tools and support

We’ve created this Campaign Toolkit full of resources like an Employee Campaign Coordinator (ECC) Guide, a Campaign Thermometer, a link to our video and other things to help you run a successful workplace campaign!

United Way Campaign Video’s

    What does your donation look like? Check out the 2019 Campaign Video.

  • Learn how United Way helped give this talented woman a home, and helped her get a new perspective: Eleni’s Story
  • Learn about how United Way helped these three individuals in each of their situations: 3 Stories
  • Learn how United Way saved a young mother and her son from being evicted: Tammy’s Story
  • Learn how United Way gave a young girl a friend and a mentor: Megan and Rebecca’s Story
  • Learn how United Way saved a non-profit from closing it’s doors: Family Tree’s Story
  • Learn how United Way supported a young father as he obtained his education: Nigel’s Story

Spare Change

Through this informative video you will learn what it feels like to be 8 years old, living in poverty. Poverty is a very complex issue and once in the cycle it is extremely difficult to overcome. United Way is working on breaking the cycle by making sure basic needs are me

Employee Campaign Coordinator Guide

Tips and tools for running an effective workplace campaign through United Way

Workplace customizations are available!

Campaign Progress Thermometer Poster

Set your goals, track your progress. Ideal for lunchrooms, reception areas, waiting rooms.


Communications Framework

At United Way, we often get asked what exactly it is we do so we’ve created this framework to help you explain the important work we are all doing in our community!


United Way 2017 Investment Reports

United Way has five community funds. Money raised in local community remains in that community to support local programs.

United Way 2016 Annual Report

United Way helped over 10,682 individuals through more than 166 programs in the Thompson Nicola Cariboo Region last year.