Volunteers from Fulton helped freshen up A Way Home Kamloops housing for youth at a recent Day of Caring®.

A local social housing project is looking better than ever thanks to a generous crew of volunteers from Fulton & Company.

The law firm employees picked up the paintbrushes for the afternoon as part of a United Way Day of Caring®. 

“Our group had a lot of fun on our Day of Caring® helping out the team from A Way Home Kamloops. I think we all felt connected to this cause, given that we all remember what it was like being a teenager trying to figure out the world ourselves,” said Rianne, one of the volunteers from Fulton. “Finding safety and stability during this time is integral to a young person’s success in the future.”  

The group said they feel strongly that ending youth homelessness is a hugely important cause, especially given the rise of homelessness in our community. 

“I think we can all agree that tackling the issue of homelessness early and providing shelter and resources to youth at risk will go a long way towards empowering them to achieve brighter futures,” Rianne added. “Thanks again for connecting us with A Way Home and giving us the opportunity to learn a little more about their organization and their mission. We’re looking forward to doing this again next year! 

“It was a pleasure having the folks from Fulton help out at our United Way Day of Caring®. They made short work of our painting project and now, thanks to them, the house is much more welcoming for the youth who live there,” said Tangie Genshorek, Executive Director of A Way Home Kamloops. “It was also really fun to hang out with them and get to know them a bit too! We can’t thank the Fulton team and United Way enough for their help!” 

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