Not all pandemic stories are the same. Seniors are connecting with loved ones again, but too many continue to face ongoing isolation and loneliness.

With your help, we connect vulnerable seniors in your community with the resources they need.

Through partnerships with agencies like the Kamloops Brain Injury Association, we are able to help people like Dennis, who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

“One of our survivors is over 65 and, during the height of the lockdown, he had a cerebral event. He lives alone and has no family. He was confused and unable to figure out what to do, so he called KBIA. We got him to the hospital, who gave him some directions, but sent him home due to the limits on who could stay.

We were picking up groceries for him, as he could not go out.

We kept working with him, checking in regularly and soon noticed changes in his status which he was not noticing. We got him back to the hospital, where they changed medications. As he stabilized, his mobility was limited, so we were able to get him a cane and then a walker. He did not have the ability to get these things himself and he did not have any family support. His situation was bad, but not bad enough to require immediate hospitalization.

A few days of no groceries and there would have been a much more serious crisis.

United Way funding made sure that someone was available to help him stabilize and get him what he needed. He is now doing well, is getting his groceries himself and has returned to independence.”

-Dave Johnson, United Way-funded program recipient, Kamloops Brain Injury Association

To learn more about the incredible work we are able to suppor through our parntership with the KBIA, watch Norm’s story here: