When the pandemic struck, the Logan Lake Wellness, Health & Youth Society (Logan Lake WHY) decided they wanted to ensure the seniors living in the community knew they were not alone during this challenging time, and used United Way funding to turn their vision into reality.

They collaborated with local creators in the community to make “delightful deliveries,” thoughtful care packages for local seniors.

It was truly a community effort. A local stamping group made “thinking of you” cards, the local baker offered freshly baked cookies and the local café provided house-made soup.

The Logan Lake WHY added word puzzles and information packages, and surprised different groups each week with the care packages.

“We received tearful phone calls and numerous thank you letters telling us how much they appreciated the thoughts and the reminder that someone was here for them,” said Executive Director Michelle Hawkins. “We have been able to continue this program into 2021 which shows the positive impact on a number of vulnerable people.”

United Way is proud to partner with the Logan Lake WHY to ensure vulnerable folks feel a sense of belonging and inclusion in their community.

“Because of the United Way’s support, our non-profit was able to continue to provide services and pivot with the needs of the community during this pandemic,” said Michelle. “Our population, of close to 50%, seniors along with many vulnerable, low income, and isolated individuals of all ages would have been negatively impacted had we not been able to provide services during the pandemic.”