Residents of Fauquier only had two hours to pack up their belongings and leave their small community when they were issued an evacuation order on July 20th. With help from the United For BC Wildfire Recovery Fund, the nearby village of Nakusp has welcomed them with open arms at an evacuation and distribution centre established in the Nakusp & District Sports Complex. 

“They all came here not knowing what to do,” says Nancy, administrator of the Stepping Stones Children’s Centre, located right next to the complex. “When families were coming here, the emotion was so high. It just brought so much anxiety to all of us and we were scared for them and we wanted to help out.”  

Small Gifts, Big Impact 

Through conversations with the displaced families, Nancy learned their needs. 

“They forgot their toothbrush, shaving cream, and that sort of thing,” she says. “Myself and my daughter, we went shopping that night and we got packages together.”  

Funding from United Way is helping Nancy continue to distribute these care packages of healthy snacks, toiletries, and other essential items. 

“We’re buying gift cards, gas cards, healthy meals, anything else that they need at this time to help them through this next part of their life of recovering from the wildfires,” says Nancy. “When these families are getting these items, it’s taking some stress away.”  

Connections Build Community 

The more people who donate their time and resources, the more connection form and the stronger the community becomes, Nancy noticed.  

“Everyone is coming together. From new volunteers that people come to say, ‘Can I bake? Can I cook? Can I clean? Do people need places to stay?’ Nancy proudly notes. “The connections are huge, and they are so strong.”  

Nancy strongly encourages BC residents outside of the community to donate to the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund. 

“They know where to put the funds to help families,” she says. 

Thousands of BC residents have evacuated their homes due to increasing danger from the wildfires. To help them rebuild thier lives with dignity, please consider donating to the United for BC Wildfire Recovery Fund today.