On a brisk morning in late November, five members of the Tenisci Piva LLP Chartered Professional Accountants team rolled up their sleeves to freshen up the hallways at the Henry Leland supportive housing complex – a project of ASK Wellness.

As the days (and especially nights) turn cold, it’s even more important to support the amazing agencies in our community that provide critical housing options for our vulnerable community members.
Agencies like ASK Wellness Society ensure folks without secure housing stay safe and warm during this time of year’s life threatening low temperatures. This Day of Caring was especially poignant as the house the Tenisci Piva team was cleaning is named after Henry Leland, a gentleman who was struggling to stay housed but froze to death on the streets of Kamloops in December, 2007.

These five, incredible volunteers had an opportunity to speak with Scott, the caretaker of the residence, and learned about the local housing continuum and how folks facing a myriad of barriers are housed.

The direction of the conversation ultimately led back to one sobering truth: there just simply aren’t enough beds available and with the high cost of rent in this city, access to affordable housing is a problem that isn’t going to be solved easily.

That is exactly why every bit of Local Love helps. Whether it’s donating dollars, warm jackets or a Day of Caring to an agency, every bit of this essential work matters and makes a difference in our community.

Thank you, Tenisci Piva for doing your part to make our community better for everyone. ❤️


With nearly 700 volunteers putting in over 3450 volunteer hours in less than three years, a lot of work, learning, and connecting is getting done at United Way Days of Caring®.

The idea is simple. An organization has a project that has been sitting on the backburner like a new fence or a space painted, and a local business has a team of eager volunteers ready to get the job done. But it’s not just about the fence. It’s about building a sense of caring through volunteerism and connecting people with different skills, knowledge, and backgrounds. It’s about team-building and having the chance to learn about the programs available in our community that United Way supports.

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