Success for Tampon Tuesday!

Success for Tampon Tuesday!

Through the collection of over 800 boxes of feminine hygiene products, the United Steelworkers and United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo are bringing dignity to women in Kamloops, one period at a time. Products were distributed to local, front-line agencies with drop-in programming serving women including New Life Community, JUMP (Jubilee Urban Movement Partners), the SHOP Program (ASK Wellness), the Kamloops Food Bank and My Place 

“The agencies were very appreciative..they usually only give one or two tampons away and now they will be able to give away a whole box at a time,” says Tampon Tuesday Co-Chair, Eric Wills.

Nobody should have to choose between a meal and the ability to afford basic hygiene products – an unfortunate reality for vulnerable women in our community.

“It’s important for United Way to bring awareness to this often overlooked issue. By partnering with the United Steelworkers we can bring many people together to advocate for change. These products need to be more available to women, especially those who are already struggling to meet their basic everyday needs,” says Sarah Sandholm, Senior Resource Development Manager with United Way.

Tampon Tuesday is a national campaign that has turned into a local, month-long initiative following inspiration from a successful drive by the United Way of the Lower Mainland and the Canadian Labour Congress that collected over 166,000 menstrual products.

United Way inspires people from all walks of life to come together to raise funds, volunteer and stimulate policy and attitude changes that lead to lasting change in our entire region. We work to make our communities the best they can be by focusing resources on creating pathways out of poverty, supporting children and youth and strong communities.




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