A beautiful gift of thanks from KBIA

A beautiful gift of thanks from KBIA

Last week, United Way welcomed two special visitors from the Kamloops Brain Injury Association (KBIA) who came bearing a gift of thanks – a beautiful stained glass piece artfully displaying our signature brandmark.

“ People don’t normally do stained glass.. so it was new and that is why KBIA chose stained glass as the project. It is so very important, especially for us, because we have had those neurons and pathways damaged,” mentioned Rick Parker who completed the project alongside fellow KBIA survivor, James Passmore.

Always looking for new ways to build community, KBIA Executive Director, Dave Johnson mentioned how the project killed two birds with one stone as survivors gained a new skill and were also able to show gratitude on behalf of the organization who has been supported by United Way for several decades.

“Our survivors know how much support the United Way gives the Kamloops Brain Injury Association and were really honoured when the United Way asked them to create the sign.  Our doors stay open  through community support and being able to work on a big thank you to the United Way really pleased these guys.”

The KBIA advocates for and provides specialized programs for survivors of acquired brain injuries, and facilitates education and awareness in the community, all aspects that survivor James Passmore is familiar with having been engaged in the organization on and off since 1987.

“Once I was involved with the KBIA, it was a safe place for me to go, and people understood that I had a brain injury and they helped me. Helped me with time management, anger management stress, anxiety management… to manage my life. Today, I fear nobody, I respect everybody and that way I can live my life in peace,” says Passmore. “All I know is that by associating with the Brain Injury Association, I am not alone.”

United Way offers a big “thank you” back to these amazing artists, and to the KBIA who continues to do such pivotal work in our community supporting those who have been affected by brain injury.

United Way inspires people from all walks of life to come together to raise funds, volunteer and stimulate policy and attitude changes that lead to lasting change in our entire region. We work to make our communities the best they can be by focusing resources on creating pathways out of poverty, supporting children and youth and strong communities. 




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