Day of Caring®: KPMG Digs Gardengate

Day of Caring®: KPMG Digs Gardengate

IMG_20150813_090126There was a lot to be done at Gardengate when we showed up on August 13th for our Day of Caring® with KPMG.

Gardengate is a horticulture program that is part of Open Door Group. This innovative program aims to provide food security and promote healthy lifestyles to those living with mental health issues. Gardengate provides life skills, rehabilitation, vocational training, and general skills. They run healthy living workshops where they learn gardening, nutrition, cooking, and food preservation. Gardengate is more focused on the process than the results of the garden as all participants gain knowledge and confidence throughout the program.

KPMG signed up for this project as soon as it was mentioned to them. They have completed Days of Caring® in the past at Gardengate and were excited to come back. IMG_20150813_093514

We started the morning with painting, shingling, and weeding. Getting the shingles on the roof of their wash station was a very hot task to be completed and luckily the men were able to finish this before lunch!

Weeding was a HUGE task as there are rows upon rows of fresh organic produce at Gardengate. Everyone felt successful once they finished a row and were able to look back at their success.

Lunch was amazing as all the veggies for the salad and sandwiches came from the garden! During the week, Gardengate sells fresh produce to the public to help raise funds for their programs and teach employment skills to their clients. After lunch, everyone at the Day of Caring® got to pick some wonderful veggies to take home!

By the end of the day, the garden looked cleaner and ready for their Salsa Challenge on the 21st! Thank you so much to KPMG for their great work. We always look forward to your Days of Caring®.

This year, our Days of Caring® are sponsored by KGHM Ajax Mine. With their generous donation we are able to complete more Days of Caring®, help more non-profits in our community, and get more people involved.



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