Within a week, the Y Women’s Shelter received a new kitchen! Who would have thought that it was possible to demo an entire kitchen on a Sunday, including floors and walls, and have a brand new one built by Friday?

This was only possible because of the dedicated hours put in by volunteers. We were lucky to be a part of this process by having Days of Caring® throughout the week.


People in Motion Summer Students

Our first Day of Caring® was before the renovations started. With the help from People in Motion, we sanded and painted the dining room so that along with everything else, the walls also got a face lift. Even just a coat of paint made the 26 year old kitchen look brighter!


Thanks Rotary West!

Our next Day of Caring® was with Kamloops Rotary West. They were so happy to get to do all the demolition. With over 15 volunteers showing up, the demo went very quickly. Within a few short hours we had filled an entire bin to be taken to the landfill, ripped up two layers of linoleum, a layer of subflooring, destroyed all counters and cupboards, AND took down a wall. This group was amazing to work with as they were all so happy to volunteer. In the afternoon, they were able to put up a new wall to make the kitchen larger than before. Because there were so many people willing to do anything that needed to be done, we were able to help the shelter with more than the demo!

We then had a few days off as the certified professionals came in to do plumbing, electrical, flooring, and fire prevention.


Kelson Group’s First Day!

By mid-week, we were ready to start installing the new kitchen. Kelson Group was generous enough to donate their time and knowledge to this project. Volunteering two days of their time, they put in the cabinets and counters built by Living Kitchens, created two new rooms, and fixed the roof (even though this was not part of the plan!)

On Friday, numerous people were in and out of the shelter finishing their part of the renovations. Everyone went above and beyond with their work. Southgate Electrical was their almost every day of the week working. Kelson was back on Friday to help with any task that needed to be done and even helped get the cooler through the doors it should not have fit through.

This project could not have happened without the hard work of the Y Women’s Shelter employees. Every day was planned out perfectly and ran smoothly. Thank you so much for your great planning and leadership.

In addition to all the organizations mentioned, there were numerous others involved in this project. Bridgeport Carpets, BC Housing, Flavors of India, Kiwanis Club of Kamloops, The Kamloops Lamppost, Owl Road Landfill (Valleyview Enterprises Ltd), Roto Rooter, Royal LePage Shelter Foundation, Realtor Jan Bombardier, and Thompson Valley Disposal have all made various donations.

This year, our Days of Caring® are sponsored by KGHM Ajax Mine. Because of their generous donation, we are able to help more organizations in our community, get more people involved, and create larger impacts in our community.