BDC's First Day of Caring®

BDC's First Day of Caring®

On July 7th, we got to partner with our neighbors from across the road to have a wonderful Day of Caring® for Elizabeth Fry Society. It was Business Development bank of Canada’s very first Day of Caring® and they were quite successful!

Elizabeth Fry society is a diverse non-profit in our community, and across Canada, that helps with housing, youth involved with tIMG_20150706_111727he justice system, and poverty law advocacy. They operate four housing buildings in Kamloops for those with low or fixed income. There are 96 units in total which are each one, two, or three bedroom.

Though BDC has had a workplace campaign for numerous years, this is the first they have been able to do a Day of Caring®! We were excited to partner them with Elizabeth Fry Society because they are such a strong non-profit in our community.

It was important to help with the yard work at Corner House because the caretaker only has four hours a week to dedicate to both the maintenance of the outside and inside of the building. We started at 9 with pruning, weeding, and trimming in the backyard and garden.

Quickly, we realized how overgrown everything was and all that needed to be taken out for the other plants to be successful. We ended up trimming full shrubs back to make sure the garden was able to get enough sunlight for the vegetables to grow.

It was a quick three hours but we were able to get everything weeded, pruned, and cleaned up! The team from BDC worked so hard  that we had over 2 large truIMG_20150706_105130ck loads full of greenery to take away.

Thanks so much BDC for your hard work, we cannot wait to do another Day of Caring® with you!

This year, our Days of Caring® are sponsored by KGHM Ajax Mine. With their generous donation, we are able to help more non-profit organizations, get more people engaged, and create a larger impact within our community.



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