Day of Caring®: Canadian Western Bank Works from the Ground Up

Day of Caring®: Canadian Western Bank Works from the Ground Up

It was definitely a hot day for a Day of Caring® yesterday. Reaching a high of 30 degrees, Canadian Western Bank worked hard through the heat at the Kamloops Youth Shelter to build a better back yard.

The Kamloops Youth Shelter works with at-risk youth to provide non-residential, support services, and short term residential stays (7 to 14 days). The Youth Shelter aims to provide support for youth to make safe, responsible choices to work towards positive change in their lives.  They support youth between the ages of 13 and 18 and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Kamloops Youth Shelter recently moved and needed huge repairs done in their backyard. Canadian Western Bank stepped up to help give the yard a total new look. With 15 volunteers in two time periods, they we ready for the challenge!

On June 23rd, volunteers started to show up at 8:30 to complete the long list of tasks. The first things that need to get done were the aerating of the lawn and sanding of the back staircase and deck. Once those tasks were completed we were ready to paint, clear area around the fruit trees, and build four raised garden beds.


The 4 New Raised Garden Beds

Another large task that was worked on throughout the day was building a new shed. First, CWB had to tear down the old one! Though the shed was premade, it was still a ton of work. We had one man work hard all day on it.

All volunteers had earned the wonderful pulled pork and beef sandwiches by the time lunch came around. After, the morning crew left and the afternoon crew was ready to start.

In the afternoon, the garden was fully built, weeding was completed, and almost all of the painting was completed. We knew we had an ambitious list of tasks and were happy with the amount of work that was completed.

Lisa, from the Kamloops Youth Shelter said, “All of this work would be our five year plan”. Thanks to Canadian Western Bank, we were able to complete almost all of it!


The CWB Morning Crew!

This year, our Days of Caring® are sponsored by KGHM Ajax Mine. With their generous donation, we are able to help more non-profit organizations, get more people engaged, and create a larger impact within our community.



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