“United Way’s contribution goes much further than just the financial contribution as the successful pairing of our kitchen and TRU Joinery Dept. meant it was a trouble free installation” – Wendy, staff at CWWA

The goal of Children Who Witness Abuse and its programs is to intervene in the life of a child to interrupt and prevent the intergenerational cycle of violence from continuing.

Thompson Rivers University Joinery Department partnered with United Way to complete much needed kitchen renovations for CWWA.

Before the renovations were completed, the small task of preparing snacks for a program was daunting.  Groceries had to be unloaded on the floor and sandwiches had to be placed in the sink once they were made due to the lack of counter space. This meant doing all dishes, sanitizing, and drying the sink all before food preparation could even occur.

With funds provided by United Way and work completed by TRU’s Joinery Department, the new kitchen was built in a short two and a half days with very minimal disruptions to their programming at CWWA! The kitchen renovations are a win-win situation for all parties involved. The TRU students received great hands on experience and CWWA has a kitchen where everything has a place and preparing food is quick and efficient!

Wendy says the kitchen more than meets their needs at CWWA and fulfills their wildest dreams.