United Way helps build a strong neighbourhood through new community centre

In 2010, a difficult decision was made to close the John Tod Elementary School. In 2012, a new life for the facility was born when the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops and Kamloops YMCA/YWCA came together with the City of Kamloops to create a community centre and the John Tod Centre was born.

The goal of the John Tod Centre is to increase the vitality of the John Tod neighbourhood, make positive changes in the lives of people in our community and increase well-rounded, comprehensive health and wellness services. United Way joined the task force to lead a capital campaign that would raise the funds to bring the dream of a new centre for community on the North Shore to life.

Just ask Lavina, a single mother who has been accessing the Boys and Girls Club in Kamloops for many years. “It’s great to drop the kids off at the Boys and Girls Club and go work out on the YMCA/YWCA side,” she says. “We feel a sense of community and like we belong there.” Lavina and her children appreciate the easier access to the new John Tod Centre via public transportation, as she only recently acquired a vehicle of her own.

“The United Way team offered their guidance, expertise and leadership to the process, and the result was a campaign that exceeded its target by over $50,000. However, I do not believe it is campaigning expertise alone that makes our United Way so successful in what they do.

It is their unwavering commitment to creating positive change for those who need it most in our community — this is what energizes us all, what inspires us, and what motivates us to become involved and contribute however we can,” says Carmin Mazzotta, Social and Community Development Supervisor with the City of Kamloops.