everyone can play initiativeThis program strives to deliver health, fitness and recreation programs to people of all ages and stages of life. United Way funds a variety of programs provided by the Healthy Kids, Healthy Community program. The support that United Way gives has benefited the lives of students at Clearwater Secondary School.

A portion of the funding goes towards the Family Day Program. This program enables 40-50 families from the Clearwater community to interact and connect with one another while cooking, reading, face painting, acting, and creating crafts. The success of the Family Day Program has helped build healthy relationships between parents and their children.

Another program that is provided to the students at Clearwater Secondary is the Everyone Can Play Program. This program allows students to participate in recreation programs, school sports, community sports, and extra curricular programs at school and in the community at large. United Way’s funding pays for sports and tournament fees and also provides sports equipment for children who would be unable to participate otherwise.

Eleanor Collins, the Healthy Living Coordinator, encourages students from Clearwater Secondary School to participate in activities such as soccer and tennis, and after school activities. For Eleanor it is about bringing all walks of life together. The most rewarding part of Eleanor’s job is engaging youth from high school with elementary school students. “I believe that connecting the high school kids with the elementary kids is important because it gives the older students a whole sense of community – it is a perspective for them on what it takes to make programs a success and it enhances the overall happiness in the community.”

A student at Clearwater Secondary expresses her gratitude,

“I love sports and it is one of the things that keeps me going to school. When it comes to school the work is hard for me. When I am on the field though I feel good, I feel successful – I am one of the best players on the soccer team. This year though things were tight at home as far as money goes. My Mom and Dad were unable to afford the money for me to play and travel with the team on tournaments. Without this funding I would not have been able to play this year.”