Building technology skills through a social enterprise

Building technology skills through a social enterprise

NLM Computer social enterpriseGeekpros and The New Life Mission have been working with a core group of dedicated volunteers from the Mission to build a sustainable social enterprise. The purpose of this venture is to provide the clients of the Mission with computer repair and service skills while they are completing their recovery. This venture is supported by community partners such as The City of Kamloops (who donated all the computers in the photo) and numerous Geekpros clients who have kindly donated gently used computers to the cause. At the Mission a team of volunteers clean the computers, makes the necessary repairs, re-image them with Windows 7 and Office 2010 and they are sold in the Mission Thrift Store – all proceeds go towards supporting the Mission. Currently Geekpros facilitates two training seminars a week at the Mission covering all of the basic computer repair skills that the volunteers will require. The enthusiasm and passion of the volunteers is exciting to witness.

If anyone has computer to donate, please contact: Regan Wilson (



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