National Volunteer Week Feature: LaFarge!

National Volunteer Week Feature: LaFarge!

National Volunteer Week is a time to recognize, celebrate and thank Canada’s 13.3 million volunteers. Our United Way relies heavily on volunteers to complete Days of Caring for our Community Partners. In 2013 we partnered over 30 businesses with non-profit organizations for our Days of Caring® initiative.

It’s definitely not a typical day at work when you arrive at a United Way Day of Caring®. The idea is simple. An organization needs a new fence, or a paint job, or some landscaping, or some food hampers. So a local business donates a team of employees to get the job done. But it’s not just about the fence. It’s about a sense of caring through volunteerism and connecting people in the community with different skills, different knowledge, and different backgrounds. It’s about team-building for those employees, who have the chance to learn about the programs and services that the organization offers.

Since November 2013, Lafarge Canada has completed 152 volunteer hours at four different non-profits in Kamloops. Everything from painting to installing floors and knocking down walls. Their dedication and hard work has saved these non-profit organizations hundreds of dollars!


“A United Way Day of Caring® offers a great opportunity to contribute back to the communities that we live and work in. Our plant was looking for opportunities to volunteer and our relationship with United Way made this a great fit,” says Eric Isenor, Lafarge Plant Manager. “We’ve had positive feedback from all those that have been involved. They liked being able to start and finish a project in a day, see results, and also meet those that would be impacted. It is a great team building experience.”

Thank you, Lafarge!


To fill out an application for a Day of Caring please go here!



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