Goodbye, Kamloops Daily News

Goodbye, Kamloops Daily News

KDN Thank You

It with heavy hearts the staff at United Way say goodbye to the Kamloops Daily News. Community Members have been asked to submit a “Thank You” photo to them via Twitter and this is our contribution. We are wishing all the staff and their families the best in their future endeavours.

A letter from our Executive Director;



This letter is to the people who are the Kamloops Daily News,

Our hearts and thoughts are with you this week as you adjust to the news that your world has shifted and is changing forever.  Because of your skills, intelligence and willingness to put yourself, your thoughts and pictures  ”out there” , we think we feel like we know you, and thank you for that.  Please know we are very sensitive to your personal circumstances and how it affects you and your family.

For so many non profit organizations in our community the Daily News has been a true champion, telling our stories, supporting our Campaigns, attending our events or sponsoring all of these.  The majority of people are unaware of the amount of in kind advertising you provided at reduced or no cost.  Thank you for your generosity and willingness to be such a strong charitable partner.  You are the ultimate ‘Proud Sponsor’.

Nobody knows better than you the challenges in the industry, but this abrupt end is a real surprise for those of us who just accept and appreciate what you do as part of our everyday life.  We have different reasons for reading the paper in print or online,   and the Daily News offered something to everyone looking for local news, opinions, issues or events.   Thanks for giving us the Kamloops Project –  it has more meaning now than ever – the archives of the Daily News will be one of our greatest assets.

To all of you – we thank you for being here and bearing witness – to Kamloops.

Brenda Aynsley
Executive Director
United Way



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