TRU Sees and Believes

TRU Sees and Believes


Last week the Campaign Committee from Thompson Rivers University (TRU) jumped on the People in Motion bus for an afternoon of Seeing and Believing. These tours give donors, volunteers and community members an opportunity to see first hand where their donations to the Community Fund go to work and are fast becoming one of our most popular initiatives.

The first stop on the TRU tour was the Canadian Mental Health Association’ Clubhouse. Here, participants heard from Executive Director Doug Sage on the longstanding relationship between CMHA and United Way and the importance of collaborative partnerships between all the non-profit agencies in Kamloops.

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They also visited the Boys and Girls Club and heard from teachers and the Literacy Outreach Worker, Tonia, at Street School, who explained that a lot of the students she works with on a daily basis have dreams and aspirations of going to TRU but often need more support in their schooling before they can take that step. Tonia told the story of a young man who was so intimidated by the University that their first visit there was just to drive around campus and now, a few months later and with the help of Tonia, that young man is beginning a trades program this fall.


The committee walked away with a better understanding of where the dollars invested in United Way’s Community Fund goes to work in the community and with a better understanding of how our Community Partners work together in collaborative and innovative ways.


“On the tour I learned a lot about how interconnected each of the community support services are in Kamloops. Even though they are individually in need of funding, it is great to see how they work with one another, instead of in competition, to meet the diverse needs of their clients and to ensure that they use funding from United Way as effectively as possible.” – Danielle Dhaliwal

“This was a great opportunity to see the impact that our donations have on quality of support each organization offers. It was very eye opening to learn just how many integral programs simply would not exist without the kindness and support of our community. What an inspiring, motivating way to prepare for our workplace campaign!” – Denis Powers

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