United Way Supports Medical Transport Needs for Community

United Way Supports Medical Transport Needs for Community

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Working with the Seton community, IHA Aboriginal Health Practice Lead Judy Sturm became aware that the bumpy, gravelly roads were taking a toll on the van used to transport people to health services in town.

The van typically operates five days a week and it is about 1.5 hours from Seton to Lillooet. If specialist services are needed it’s an extra two hours to get to Kamloops, or more if travelling to the coast.

Although the van was purchased fairly recently through federal funds, no maintenance costs were provided. When the van breaks down, warranty doesn’t cover rock damage.  A tow to Kamloops to the dealer costs $700 – $800, with repair costs on top of that fee.

As a member of United Way’s Community Impact Council for the Ashcroft/Cache Creek/Logan Lake Community Fund, Judy brought this to the attention of her fellow council members. The Community Impact Council was able to invest $1,900 from their emergency fund to purchase a BCAA membership and preventative measures such as putting a coating on the van’s undercarriage.

“The United Way has been exceptional to work with and as an IHA employee, I am more aware about their organization and the grassroots community work they do, which in turn supports the work that we at IHA do,” says Judy. “I did not realize how integral the United Way is to our communities within IHA in offering support for programming and services related to health and wellness, prior to my recent involvement.  This happening through very generous support/donations from local community members and organizations for their areas.”



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