Helping youth create respectful relationships

Helping youth create respectful relationships

Today is Pink Shirt Day in Canada and thousands of people across the country are sporting pink to symbolize a stand against bullying. We all know that bullying is an issue in today’s classrooms – but how can we turn that around?

United Way has begun a partnership with School District 73 for delivery of Respectful Relationships through Connect with Respect Society. This program is delivered to youth over 12 in-class sessions and empowers them to build positive relationships of equality and respect while also teaching them how to treat other people with tolerance and acceptance. with their peers, friends and family members. Youth are given opportunities to practice and internalize these skills in a safe setting.

“Respectful Relationships created a safe environment in which the students felt free to be themselves and share. Our students come from diverse backgrounds and struggle with the day-to-day challenges of maintaining friendships. This program reinforced the idea that each of us is an individual and we need to respect that,” said the Principal at Arthur Hatton.

United Way knows this program is important for helping youth reach their full potential and fulfills them to be good citizens and contributing members of the community, which is why United Way funds this program in Logan Lake and Ashcroft and is working closely with SD73 on a long-term plan  to make the program possible throughout School District 73.

“I learned not to judge people, everyone has problems. If everyone went to this class they would see that we are all different but all the same and we shouldn’t disrespect others,” said a youth who participated in the program.