The Kamloops Rent Bank starts up in February 2013!   Rent Banks assist individuals and families when they find themselves in crisis, by providing small, low interest, loans to keep people in stable rental housing, or to pay utilities that are in arrears.  Rent bank loans are for people who are in stable housing, but who have been challenged by an emergency situation that jeopardizes their housing.  Rent bank loans are for people who do not qualify for other types of funding; people who would otherwise be left to fall through the cracks and enter the cycle of homelessness.

Please support us, the more funds we raise the more families we can keep housed!  Operation of the rent bank will begin February 2013 at the Kamloops & District Elizabeth Fry Society location at 827 Seymour Street, with funding support from:

The Interior Savings Credit Union Community Investment Fund – $6,928.00

The Kelson Group – $5,000.00

United Way TNC – $3,000.00

The Stollery Charitable Foundation – $27,000.00

We are seeking more funding, can you help?  The more funds we have to loan out, the more families we can keep housed.  Donations to the Rent Bank in any amount will be accepted on an ongoing basis through United Way.