Children's Health Fair

Children's Health Fair

Success By 6® is an early childhood development initiative dedicated to providing all children with a good start in life. It helps to ensure that children ages 0 to 6 develop the emotional, social, cognitive, and physical skills they need as they enter school. Each of our Success By 6 coordinators have written a short success stories to illustrate the impact of their work. Below is one of those stories.

By, Trish Rodie

Historically, the Nicola Valley Early Years Cooperative has held an annual Children’s Health Fair and a small group of Aboriginal professionals held a separate Aboriginal Health and Wellness event. While both of these events filled a need in the community, they both struggled with organization of the event and in having the event well attended.

In April of 2011, for the first time, our Early Years Cooperative and our Aboriginal Early Years table joined forces to hold at Children’s Health Fair that showcased a wide range of services and was inclusive of both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal organizations and programs. This event was an incredible success.

Twenty-four different service organizations provided displays and booths with information and support services for families, there were over 50 professionals attending this event from our local community. 216 people in total signed in to the Health Fair, with 131 of them being young children. Strong Start centers attended, as well as Head Start programs and the children and parents alike were able to meet new friends and learn about programs and services in Merritt.

We provided colorful bags printed with the Nicola Valley Early Years Logo so children could collect their prizes from the many games and hand outs and their parents could collect all the important information offered at this event. We were also able to offer refreshments and lunch so nobody was rushed. Vision and hearing screening was provided as well, with over 30 children being screened and several referrals made.

After the success of this, it was unanimous that we do away with the separate events and collaborate each year to put on one inclusive Health Fair.



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