Hi, I'm Amber

Hi, I'm Amber

Hi there! Pleased to e-meet you!

Introducing myself blog post

I’m the new Communications and Resource Development Associate here at the United Way. I just started on Monday and feel a bit like Alice probably did after falling down the rabbit hole. I’ve fallen into a busy, crazy, unknown but wonderful world. Every day in the last week has brought me a new and exciting piece (and sometimes many pieces) of knowledge and I’m sure I’m going to learn more and more as the days, weeks and months tick by!

My educational background is journalism. Writing – especially more colloquial writing (ahem, blogging) – is a  huge passion of mine. My professional background is marketing, which I also kind of fell into three years ago. I’m obsessed with (addicted to?) social media. I love using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to raise awareness and encourage engagement. I plan on being very active on social media during any and all United Way events I’m a part of from now on so look for the girl running around with her face and thumbs stuck to her iPhone – that will be me!

Other things you should know about me is that I love coffee (probably a little too much) and in my spare time I’m usually running and training for races. I’m currently training for my second marathon in May. Leading a healthy and active lifestyle is very important to me and one of my favourite things about this community is all the amazing outdoor recreation opportunities!

The prospect of working in the non-profit sector has always appealed to me because I wanted to feel good about the work I was doing and feel like I was giving back to the community. In just a few short days I’ve been blown away by all the amazing initiatives and projects the United Way, and the very hard-working and dedicated team here, are a part of. They are really doing something amazing every day. I feel so excited and privileged to be a part of it all.

I’ll be checking in here on the blog fairly often and you can also follow the United Way on Twitter and Facebook, which I’ll be managing along with the rest of the team. Or if you want more of me check out my personal Twitter profile – @AmberYake – for a constant stream of random thoughts about current events, running, how much I love coffee and photos of my pets.



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