A week at Campaign Basics

A week at Campaign Basics

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Last week I traveled to Ottawa and spent a week with other new United Way employees from across the country while participating in the 5-day ‘Campaign Basics’ training. As a brand new United Way employee I learned many new things; I learned the lingo, I gained a better understanding of the United Way as a national movement and formed a big picture idea of what the annual campaign will look like. But I also took away a lot more than that.

When you got a group of strangers together in a room that all come from completely different backgrounds and places but have a common goal the ideas start flowing and it’s hard to stop them. I came away from the week with the wheels in my head churning and so many ideas and thoughts I wanted to bring back to my team! I also had fun, met and connected with some amazing people and had the opportunity to do a bit of sightseeing around Ottawa with them.

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Spending a week with people from other United Way’s across the country just reinforced what I already knew about the Thompson Nicola Cariboo region, which is that we have an amazing, generous and innovative community! I’m so excited to be a part of the 2012 Campaign where I can apply all the knowledge and ideas I brought back from Campaign Basics.



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