A better tomorrow starts today.
Change starts with you.

The Tomorrow Fund

United Way’s endowment fund and planned giving program – offers an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for a stronger region, a vibrant community and a better tomorrow for generations to come.

Why leave a legacy?

Leaving a legacy to United Way will help your community for years to come. Your legacy gift through United Way will help far more than one person or program. Your gift will go to work along with thousands of others in our community and create life altering, community shaping change.

How to Give:

  • Bequest: Designate an amount or portion of your estate to United Way through your will.

    Sample statement to add to your Will: “I _____________ bequeath to United Way Thompson Nicola Cariboo _______% of the residue (or a specic amount) of my estate for its own sole and only use absolutely.”

  • Gift of Securities: You can receive significant benefits for you or your estate through capital gains tax savings
  • Life Insurance Policy: You can make United Way the owner of beneficiary of an insurance policy, in whole or in part.
  • RRIF or RRSP’s: You can designate United Way as a beneficiary of your retirement plan
  • Real estate: You can donate real estate and land, either giving it outright or retaining use of the property during your lifetime.

Benefits of Giving:

  • Leave a legacy that aligns with your values, and will help shape the future of our region.
  • We ensure that your gift is directed to your area of interest and that your intentions are respected.
  • Maximize your tax and estate planning benefits.

More information:

For more information please fill out the form or contact Jess Thomson directly.

Jess Thomson

Manager of Major Gifts and Planned Giving

phone: 250-372-9933

email: jess@unitedwaytnc.ca

Planned Giving

Do you want more information about making a planned gift to United Way? Please fill out the below form.

Your gift has the power to inspire and transform our community. Thank you for making an impact for generations to come.