“Empowering Women” Seeing is Believing Tour

“Empowering Women” Seeing is Believing Tour

On Friday, December 8th, 3 women, all from different walks of life, took part in a powerful “Seeing is Believing” tour that changed their perspectives and left a profound impact on their lives. United Way invited these donors on the tour themed around women empowerment to learn about how United Way encourages the empowerment of women through programming and supports that cultivate independence, build resilience, and foster strength.

Our first stop was the Pregnancy Care Centre at 429 Tranquille Rd. This incredible organization offers an array of services, ranging from parenting classes to 24/7 helpline support. The staff at Pregnancy Care Centre aim to create a safe place for education and awareness around pregnancy options, dating and relationships, and even long-term life skills.

The second stop was at Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Center downtown Kamloops. The professional team behind this organization tell a story of resilience, strength, and survivorship. The services of KSACC include personalized counselling for individuals suffering from current or previous sexual, physical, mental, physiological, emotional, social and/or economic abuse. Men and women alike are able to access the services of KSACC free of charge, at their own pace, and with the confidence that they are in the best hands.

The last stop was at Family Tree on 657 Seymour St where members on our tour learned about one of the extraordinary programs offered by Family Tree called Mothers for Recovery Support. This program ‘encourages and supports childhood development while connecting families to their community’. In addition, there is a professional counselor available to provide extra support to mothers whilst moderating productive and healing group sessions.

Thank you to these everyday heroes who are changing lives and helping us build a stronger community. Together, we are building our community up – one superhero at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about United Way through a Seeing is Believing tour please email us at office@unitedwaytnc.ca or via phone at 250.372.9933!



Seeing is Believing Tours, offer donors, volunteers and community members an opportunity to see first-hand where United Way’s money goes to work.

Participants are able to visit community agencies and hear directly from agency staff and clients about the difference United Way can make in the lives of individuals in our community. Click here to sign up or learn more!



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