“Mental Health Awareness” Seeing is Believing Tour

“Mental Health Awareness” Seeing is Believing Tour

On September 27th we invited members of our community to join us on a Seeing is Believing tour to learn how United Way supports mental health. On this tour we visited three of our funded partners that are making an incredible difference right here in Kamloops by improving lives through awareness, advocacy, and empowerment.

Our first stop was at Kamloops Brain Injury Association where we were educated on the causes, effects, and impact of acquired brain injury. KBIA offers an incredible array of services ranging from caregiver support to ‘Brain 101’ to help remove stigma and facilitate education in the community. KBIA is a longstanding member of our community and works closely with United Way to help fund full-time staff and support throughout the day.

Next we visited the Canadian Mental Health Association Clubhouse on Seymour St. The clubhouse is one of many CMHA services provided in the Kamloops community. This facility provides a safe place for members to come and enjoy meals, do laundry, build resumes, or just socialize.

Last stop at Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association. Boasting multiple acres of land, KTRA provides an impressive display of horses and over 70 volunteers to help facilitate various programs and routine maintenance to care for the animals. Of the many programs offered by KTRA, Youth at Risk (designed for troubled teens) and Riders with Disabilities are two of the most diverse additions. The image to the left shows KTRA’s latest equipment that helps people with disabilities saddle the horse and enjoy the benefits of riding. Therapeutic riding encourages independence, confidence, increased mobility, and promotes muscle development among many other benefits.

Thank you to our community heroes!

Seeing is Believing Tours, offer donors, volunteers and community members an opportunity to see first-hand where United Way’s money goes to work.

Participants are able to visit community agencies and hear directly from agency staff and clients about the difference United Way can make in the lives of individuals in our community. Click here to sign up or learn more!



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