The energy level was high and you could feel it in the air. The eclectic group of volunteers from several local businesses, alongside the KSACC staff and TRU practicum students, banded together to give this space an upgraded makeover.

Kamloops Sexual Assault Counselling Center is a non-profit organization that offers support to individuals and their children who have been impacted by sexual violence. They have a team of counsellors on hand and are led by their Executive Director, Charlene Eden.

KSACC expressed a need for a fresh new calming look for their office space. The highlighted areas that required special attention were the reception/conference area and children’s therapy room. We also paid attention to Charlene’s office and the main hallway.

On the evening of Thursday, March 16th, 2017, several volunteers and KSACC staff converged on the office to prepare it for painting the following day. We joined forces and commenced moving furniture, spackling blemishes on walls, and taping baseboards and door frames. To our surprise, we finished all necessary preparatory work and were able to start painting the accent colours in the office entry and children’s room. Everyone cleaned up and prepared supplies for the next morning, and we were done by 8:30 pm.

The following morning, we arrived at 8:15 to organize all the job activities and prepare people to sign media releases. Volunteers started flowing in at 8:45 and Sarah, Campaign Manager from United Way, arrived shortly after to give a welcome/safety speech to those involved.

By 9:15 am we were still waiting for some volunteers, but decided we should get things underway. Things ran smoothly, with pairings of individuals working well together at their assigned tasks, until we ran out of paintbrushes. A quick trip to the paint store and we were back on track.

The cohesiveness of the group made everything run smoothly, and before long it was time to break for lunch. Everyone looked at the work they had completed and there was a united sense of accomplishment felt by all.

Prior to lunch, given that some of our volunteers had to leave at noon, around mid-morning we were a little intimidated by the scope of work that had yet to be completed. We were concerned that time management coupled with lack of bodies would impede the desired end result. Thankfully, after these volunteers left, new recruits arrived, and by mid-afternoon we were full steam ahead once again!

Thanks to the tireless effort of all those involved, we managed to achieve our goal in a timely fashion with time to spare for an effective clean up. The staff at KSACC were overjoyed with the fresh new face of their office, and overall this project was a successful event that created everlasting connections between individuals, and a feeling of great satisfaction of a job well done!

A special “thank you” to all the volunteers who donated their precious time:

  • Cameron from Urban Systems
  • Stuart from Sun Life Financial
  • Patricia and Daryl from Women’s Leadership Circle
  • Tyler from Top 40 Woodworks
  • Students Max, Jenn, Kaitlyn, and Lindsay
  • KSACC staff

A United Way Day of Caring is the perfect opportunity to promote team-building and gives participants the opportunity to learn new skills by tacking projects our non-profit partners don’t have the time and resources to complete.

Thank you to our 2016/2017 Day of Caring sponsors, CN Rail. Because of their generous donation, we are able to help more organizations in our community, get more people involved, and create a larger impact with our Day of Caring projects. Learn more at!